At Queensbridge we believe that all students have an entitlement to experiences, encounters, advice and guidance that supports them in being prepared and in making informed choices about their future.  This journey starts as they enter school in Year 7 and continues until they have been fully supported to a secure placement in Year 12.  We are committed to a programme that is aspirational for all young people and will motivate them for their pathway beyond Year 11.       

Aims and Outcomes

  • Students, parents, teachers, governors and, where appropriate, employers know and understand the careers programme
  • Students and parents have quality information about future study options and labour market opportunities
  • Advice and support is personalised to ensure equality and diversity
  • Teachers link curriculum learning with careers
  • All students have opportunities to learn from employers about work, employment and skills for the workplace
  • All students have first-hand experience of the work place (Year 10)
  • All students should be aware of the full range of learning opportunities available to them, including academic and vocational routes and learning in schools, colleges, universities and the work place
  • All (Year 11) students should access interviews with a careers advisor, tailored to meet individual need

The Queensbridge careers programme is based upon the Gatsby Benchmarks.

The Next Steps Booklet has been designed to support Year 11 students in making their Post-16 choices. (Students are provided with a copy of the booklet.)  

Our Learning Statements are designed to outline our commitment to every Queensbridge student. As students move through school, the statements build on the experiences and encounters, advice and guidance from previous years.