Wider Learning

The Wider QB - Beyond the Classroom

Queensbridge will provide every pupil with a highly stimulating, varied and rigorous programme of activities outside of the classroom environment. We will provide opportunities in which pupils can thrive, develop and embed new skills and create a passion outside of their timetabled lessons. Pupils will be able to positively respond to artistic, musical and sporting activities, to name but a few, that form the heart of our ethos as a performing arts school.

Click Here for the full list of extra-curricular activities on offer this term (Autumn 2019) 


 Each term, all pupils have the opportunity to select from the menu of before and after school clubs that departments have to offer.

Pupils are able to develop relationships by playing in one of the school’s vast number of sports teams, they can take a risk and try something that they have never experienced before in Real Readers, Chess Club, Music Production, Pottery or Equality & Diversity or they can experience a production within Dance, Music or Drama. Look out for new clubs in 2019/2020 including Boccia, Polybat and Indoor Curling.

Trips and Residentials

From all of Year 7 developing their responsibility skills and creating new relationships within the Year 7 5Rs residential to Blackwell Court, to Year 8 heading off to Normandy to experience History and French culture, pupils at Queensbridge are challenged to move outside of their comfort zone and develop life skills that they can take out into the world.

Further up the school, trips to Belgium, Skiing and Snowboarding in Austria, Wales and the Norfolk Broads offer all pupils a chance to take a trip of a lifetime, gain new skill sets, gather memorable experiences and enrich their school life.


The Queensbridge commitment to enriching our pupils’ lives and going beyond the classroom environment is firmly the vision for QB+.

On Mondays during period 6, the entire Year 7 and 8 year groups embark on their journeys within our topic areas. Each area is filled with new opportunities, such as understanding Relationships and their importance in creating successful teams, taking Risks in the name of Language and Science and developing our Responsibility to school, fellow pupils and the community we live in.

Examples of current opportunities include fencing, circus skills, escape rooms and robotics. Pupils rotate every four weeks, so they will have taken part in a range of different activities over a school year.

Student Leadership

Developing skills for life and enhancing character and rigour are all firmly part of the wider learning element of Queensbridge life. Providing pupils with leadership opportunities and positions of responsibility is a key element to this.

From being on the School or Arts Council, to becoming Head of School Council or a Student Associate, opportunities are present throughout school for pupils to develop responsibility, create positive relationships and see the relevance between different areas of school life.


Twice a year, the Queensbridge timetable shuts down for a week and pupils undertake the unique experience of an iweek.

An iweek is a week of intense learning and deep thinking, challenging pupils’ thoughts, developing their values and giving them opportunity to enhance community cohesion across both Queensbridge and the local community.

Pupils improve their skills within the arts, challenge their physical fitness and logical thinking, experience a taster to the Duke of Edinburgh award as well as experience the world of work and refine their knowledge of a wide range of worldly issues.

With the 5 Rs at the heart of iweeks, pupils are able to enrich their outlook on life through creative, diverse and rigorous opportunities, complementing the curriculum and the unique approach to Wider Learning at Queensbridge

Duke of Edinburgh

When pupils arrive in Year 10, the opportunity to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award is offered.

Pupils complete their training while undertaking their skill, volunteering and physical aspects. Pupils volunteer to support the school's vast Wider Learning Programme and library, develop new skills in Chess and Photography Clubs or undertake their physical within the fitness suite or in one of the many PE Department's sports clubs.

In September, pupils will then head out to the Lickey Hills and surrounding area to complete the expedition element to complete their Bronze award. 

Queensbridge PE and Extra-Curricular Sports

Sport is one of the most powerful mass movers in changing and improving the lives of young people. As such, a key aim of the Physical Education department is to develop a strong “sporting culture” within school for both participation and excellence, for all pupils. Through this culture we aim to 'create a sporting habit for life.'

In addition to the PE curriculum and the many sports clubs that pupils have access to as part of the extra-curricular programme, the school has entered in to a number a partnerships and initiatives that extend this offer both within and outside of the curriculum. These include School Games, TeamUp and This Girl Can, British Cycling & Bikeability, Wasps Netball & Rugby and Youth Sport Trust – Hub School & Youth Sport Award.

“The praise and recognition for our daughter’s efforts really impress me – as does all the wider learning which is offered.” Year 7 Parent