July 15th 2019

A Night At The Movies

In January 2019, our Head of Dance announced to her pupils that they would be putting on a show. Six months later and A Night At the Movies was performed to an enraptured audience, featuring 26 different cinematic dance pieces by a company of over 70 dancers.

Ms Cox wished to pay tribute to her Queensbridge Dance Company:

"The pupils have relished the opportunity to create their own dance work, in addition to my choreography. Small groups and solos independently researched themes and issues featured in their chosen film theme and pitched their ideas to the group... Over the course of the five months, dancers undertook extra rehearsals to choreograph, rehearse and perfect their dance pieces, always requesting feedback to improve.

The hard work and responsibility undertaken by the pupils has been phenomenal. Our soloists have transferred their movement from bedroom rehearsals into a large dance space in the Queensbridge Theatre. Small groups have shown excellent communication skills and relationships,finding time to meet to choreograph and practise. All of the dancers have risen to the occasion and performed with great professionalism.

The Year 10 BTEC Dancers debuted their Component 1 work 'Still I Rise' inspired by the professional company TRIBE //. The group spent 4 weeks of their lessons learning the professional movement and undertaking creative tasks to choreograph an 8 minute performance based on the Maya Angelou poem. Not only did these girls learn movement usually performed by trained professionals, they performed it with such a strong sense of meaning and characterisation.

Continuing to challenge pupils, Year 9 learnt the hip hop dance to the music video of 'Busy Earnin'' by Jungle in their lessons this year. A group of pupils decided to perform this in the show, undertaking independent rehearsals to form a bond and work with peers they previously have not had lessons with.

Elsewhere, two of the performances were based on musical theatre, showcasing the multi-disciplinary talent of our dancers, and a Billy Elliot-inspired solo stole the audience's hearts.

Pupils were integral to the success of this performance, from its inception to the opening night - and a special mention goes to our older students who took on a role as runners and ensured a seamless production.

A massive well done to everyone involved! "