December 5th 2018

Big Brum Theatre

The Big Brum Theatre have been in residency at QB this week!
Historians in Year 9 experienced a live performance and workshop from Chris Cooper’s play “Worlds Apart Together”.  This superb performance explores ideas surrounding conflict in the home 100 years ago.  The 3 main characters find themselves struggling to adapt to life in England after the Armistice at the end First World War. 
The play deals with difficult themes such as racial prejudice, working class poverty and gender inequality.  These hard hitting social issues are revealed by the characters as they struggle to survive in their back to back home in post war inner city Birmingham.  
Overall, we have learnt that struggle and conflict in the home, both past and present,  is driven by inequality and injustice in society as a whole.
Year 9 responses  - “It was sick, sir”,   “We still have these problems today...”
Mr Herron