May 24th 2019

Birmingham Knife Angel

The Knife Angel is a stunning piece of art created from 100,000 knives removed from UK streets. It took four years to make and is 27 feet tall. It aims to raise awareness of knife crime as it tours across the UK. Some Year 9 Queensbridge pupils visited and reflected on this powerful installation which currently stands in Birmingham's Victoria Square.

How did this piece of art make you feel?


I was just in awe.

I felt shocked at first, then a bit confused and scared.

 What do you think the Knife Angel is trying to achieve?

It’s trying to prevent us from being part of the problem.

It’s a warning for the young people of Birmingham.

It’s trying to make us think about who might be at risk. I think that’s young people who hang out in the wrong crowds. People who are really sociable and don’t think about who their ‘friends’ really are.

It made me think about the saying, “A bigger man walks away”

 As a young person living in Birmingham, is this piece of art relevant to you?

Yes! Crime has really increased for young people in our city. It makes me worried for myself but also the people who I love.

I think one of the problems with some groups is peer pressure from friends to use knives. Also some music, especially drill music, glamourises carrying knives.

 If you could ask the artist one question what would it be?

What inspired you to create the Knife Angel?

What age group are you trying to reach?

Do you have a personal experience with knife crime?

This must have taken so long! Did you ever want to give up?

 Have you got anything else to say about our trip to see the Knife Angel?

Young people in our area dress in a way to intimidate others just because they’re scared. No-one knows who might have a weapon.

People who say they’re carrying a weapon for protection are lying. It’s just an excuse