October 26th 2018

i Week Review - Year 9


Year 9 have spent their iweek ‘Stepping Up’. Staff have been utterly impressed by the pupils’ maturity, engagement and the quality of their output. The overarching themes for the week have been: growing up well as a member of Generation Z; taking care of themselves and each other; making positive choices; and making their powerful and relevant voices heard. Within that, Year 9 have explored: healthy relationships, mental health, sexual health, knife crime, teenage pregnancy, to name but a few.

The week has seen pupils each having to create and look after their very own flour-baby, in order to grasp some of the challenges involved when taking care of a person other than themselves. The week culminated with a day spent devising and presenting their own campaign on a topic of their choosing. The campaigns were professional and engaging and completely indicative of the quality and creativity that our Year 9s are capable of.

Well done Year 9 and we are wholeheartedly confident of your increasing ability to step up to the challenges that life presents!

Mrs Clarke