November 13th 2017

It's All About Kindness

Today is World Kindness Day! What a wonderful day to start our Re-Think: Re-Connect focus week.

This week, staff are armed with 1,000 tokens, which will be given out for any small acts of kindness that they witness in lessons, the playground, corridors, the library etc. Tokens will be collected in forms, so that by the end of the week, we can see which pupils collectively were kindest to the people around them. Form time will also be where important conversations take place about what kindness means.

In the Library, pupils can see examples of random or small acts of kindness from around the world. All through the week, there will be quotes about kindness on the windows and activities for pupils to get involved in. Pupils will be asked to write on post-it notes what kindness means to them or what act of kindness they would like to do. The notes will then be displayed in the Library, where random acts of kindness will be happening throughout the week.

Finally, collections for the two food banks will continue all through the week.