September 19th 2016

Parents: How Internet savvy are you?

Parents: Recognise these symbols but not really sure what they are? Know that your children use these Social Media sitesm but not really sure exactly what these Apps do? Are you aware of the risks that each of these Apps/Sites present to your children?

Test your Internet knowledge with the NSPCC-advised site which you can access by clicking here.

This website gives you an overview of the A-Z Most popular Social Media sites and Apps that your children might be accessing. Once on to this page, click on each symbol to find out:

1. The name of the network/Social Media site,

2. What you need to know about the site/App,

3. A variety of views from the lips of children themselves,

4. Age restrictions/laws regarding each App/site,

5. The risks of each App/site (bullying, exploitation, violence and hatred, etc.),

6. Similar sites you can be aware of.

Look out for information that will be going onto our school website soon!