March 10th 2017

Skiing in the words of the pupils

What a week the pupils have had in Torgon, Switzerland. Here is what some of them are saying prior to their last day on the slopes.

Sakura - Being confident and then falling headfirst in the snow.

Charlotte - Really fun week...legs ache.

Clodagh - It's been a rollercoaster of a week.

Courtney - I learnt how to ski and my body aches.

Evie - On the first day I learnt kind of how to ski. On the second day I learnt a bit more how to ski. On the third day I skied backwards. On the fourth day I skied at another ski resort....It was fun.

Georgie - Extremely terrifying but insanely good!

Natalya - It was really good...terrifying, but an amazing experience that I'll never forget.

Rob - I learnt from my mistakes.

Jacob - Challenging and awesome.

Ruby - It's been tough, but Cyril helped us through!

Kate - Skiing is fun...but it takes a lot of effort.

Dylan - It's been a great experience and I've learnt a lot.

Izzy - Missing all the school content was worth it.

Louis - Great views, great teachers, great experience.

Evan - Fast and furious.

Thom - I never expected a week out with school to be so fun!