February 16th 2018

SOLD OUT every night…..they came…they saw…..and this is what they said…..

‘Brave fun & fantastic’

Enthusiastic, Energetic, Enjoyable!’

‘Absolutely blown away, superb in every way.’

‘175.% better than Matilda! Risk, rigour, relationship, Rock n’ Roll’

‘Awesome! Thank you so much.’

‘Talent at QB rocks!’

‘Terrific performance. Not seen anything so enjoyable for ages’.

‘well done everyone, brilliant collective effort, as usual.’

‘WOW! The staff and children are so talented!’

‘Absolutely AWESOME!’

‘Can’t believe my friends from primary just did that!’

‘The kids! The staff! The band! The dudes! Quite a family you are making at QB! We love it, thank you!’

‘Amazing you smashed it!’

‘Wonderful singing, amazing band, what incredible effort and achievement from staff and pupils! Thank you.

‘Fun! Great that so many years and talents involved’

‘One of the very best school productions I have seen. Everyone a star – even students serving refreshments!’

‘Edie and Lucca to Broadway!’

‘Fantastic vibe & joyful ensemble’

‘Incredible showcase of talent fun and commitment from staff and students. So professional – a real treat to watch!’

‘Absolutely KILLER – So proud of you!’

‘So great to see so many involved and expressing themselves beautifully’

‘Now we are retired we see very many shows. None have been more enjoyable or inspirational than QB’s show tonight.100% commitment from everyone of the huge cast. ‘Congratulations to all the young people and the staff who have enhanced their skills.’

‘A spectacular show!! Awesome acting! Brilliant band! Courage all round.’

‘A Triumph! I loved every minute of it.’

‘The show was great!’

‘WOW what a fantastic show! Delighted to see so many involved and enthusiastic.’

‘Absolutely fantastic! Excellent props and costumes, and kids loving it! QB Best!! More please.’

‘Great fun. Excellent! Brilliant voices.’

‘Amazing performance!’

‘Superb skill and energy – Fabulous!’

‘Absolutely incredible performances from the principal roles and the ensemble! S ‘Rockin’ marvelous!’

‘So impressed with the level of performance from the students. Well done to students and staff for all your hard work – cannot wait for the next one!’

‘It was fantastic and what a wonderful time they all had!’

‘A fabulous celebration of bohemian individuality and creativity.’

‘WOW that’s entertainment. Excellent show bags of talent.’

‘Pitch perfect everything! Phenomenal! Worthy of the West End!’

‘As grandparents and a first experience this was a wonderful way to bring pupils together. It was very well rehearsed and performed. Lots of talent. Great to see special needs happy and integrated.’

‘This is something that I will remember for a long time and the students will remember all their lives! ’

‘Thank god you are keeping the arts alive!’