November 30th 2016

The 9,100m Sponsored Swim of Kindness

Four Year 8 boys are doing a 9,100m sponsored swim this weekend at David Lloyd Health Club. They are collecting money for Birmingham Children's Hospital.

One of the four boys broke his arm whilst on holiday over the summer break - and has since had to have operations and further treatment at the Children's Hospital.

The Week of Kindness which took place in school (and across schools in Birmingham) in November inspired him and three others in his year to undertake the swim. In addition to this activity, they have also donated items for Sparkhill Foodbank, donated to BBC Children in Need and each written personal thank-you notes to a person of their choosing - all as part of Birmingham's 'Love Your Neighbour' Week.

Sponsorship money will be collected in school for their swim this weekend.

Congratulations to the boys for their efforts so far and their commitment to extending their kindness beyond a nominated week.