February 15th 2017

Loudmouth give Years 9 and 10 Food for Thought

THANK YOU Loudmouth for delivering thought-provoking and powerful performances for both Year 9 and Year 10.

This week we have once again been on a journey with Loudmouth Theatre in Education Company exploring issues of TRUST and EXPLOITATION. Highly effective performances have challenged pupils and encouraged our students to consider the very complex society in which we live. All of the staff working with Years 9 and 10 were very impressed with the mature way in which pupils took part and their insightful reflections:

'How can I put myself in a safe position whilst being able to enjoy my life too?'

'I need to be honest with the people around me and tell my parents about the things that worry me'

'I must not let myself be manipulated by people who are stronger than me; I shouldn't have to do something that I do not want to'

'Today has made me notice the significance of school for support and education when your friends and family are not there'

'The slightest, most discrete signs can become a bad relationship'

'Today has made me question the power that every single person in your life has, the power they have to influence you'

'I've realised that I need to open up my eyes to the real world and make sure my parents know what is going on in my life'

'It made me think that these things can happen in our own city'

'Don't add, just BLOCK'