June 7th 2017

Year 7 Residential – what a week

At Queensbridge School we believe that the ‘five Rs’ make the difference: risk, relationships, relevance, rigour and responsibility. We do many things to help students develop in each of these areas, and so in May we took all of Year 7 on our annual residential to Blackwell Court. The residential focussed around the year group developing relationships through working with new pupils, in new situations and overcoming challenges as a team.

Rain or shine, the whole of Year 7 had a fantastic experience making memories and forming new friendships and strengthening existing ones. Although the weather seemed against us at times, we witnessed pupils conquering their fear of heights by climbing the ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ and jumping off the ‘Fan Descender.’ Every day there were new challenges, whether it was the zip-wire or team-building exercises.

For some students the real learning was about becoming more responsible by helping out with chores on the campsite. We were really proud of the students who stayed away from home for the first time and managed to overcome their anxiety. Once again, Queensbridge students showed their resilience and joined together so that everyone had a great time.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s residential!