July 17th 2017

Year 9 Intensive Week Blog

Day Three

Today has been about challenges, goals and the future. We have had the privilege of hearing from a wonderfully inspiring and talented Birmingham man, who really gripped Year 9 with his inspirational talk about the journey he has been on and his views on the choices he has made, both good and bad.

Year 9 continue to work through intensive week with focused motivation and positivity. Today they had the opportunity to see how the choices they make now, about how they live their lives, can have an impact on what happens further down the line and to think now and make good choices.

Hearing the heartfelt words of Thomas Vernal today, there was one message that rang very clear and that was "BE GREAT!". So go on Year 9, let’s see what tomorrow brings!

Day Two

Today’s Intensive Week sessions have been focused around Work experience, College, Shopping Channel, Budgeting, Tests and Applications, CV planning and Kudos.

Students have had the opportunity to think and plan for the exciting journey they will make once leaving school. In the Kudos sessions students completed an online questionnaire, which helped to identify suitable careers and professions that they might be interested in, helping to give ideas based on what students like and dislike doing.

The budgeting and CV planning sessions helped students to start thinking about what they need to consider now, that will not only prepare them but also equip them with good strategies for the road ahead.

Whichever path students choose to take can be daunting; taking the first steps now by building confidence is key to the success of each individual at Queensbridge School.

Day One

Wow what a day!

Year 9 intensive week lived up to its name with a full programme of sessions today exploring issues and ideas around healthy relationships.

Year 9 made their way around a carousel of sessions and took part in some really interesting activities. Students taking part in ‘sex in the media’ examined how sexual content and sexual exposure can affect how young people feel about each other. Student contribution into what at times can be very challenging topics has been fantastic today! There has been a real sense of maturity in the sessions, where questioning has been focused and reflective of what young people in our school community feel.

Well done and let's have a fantastic week!