June 14th 2018

Young Researchers present their findings @ UCB

Over the past 4 months a group of Young Researchers have been investigating the question "Why is QB+ a valuable part of the Queensbridge curriculum?" They have been undertaking learning walks, interviews with staff who deliver the programme and a pupil voice activity with pupils from year 7 and 8. The group did a literature review of research and then compared their findings to what the results were telling them. The outcome further reinforces the schools belief and commitment to Wider Learning in that "QB+ is a valuable part of the wider learning programme as it generates enthusiasm and engagement in a wider variety of new skills and subject areas". The group talked passionately to fellow pupils, teachers from other schools and professors from UCB and the University of Birmingham. They are now looking forwarding to talking to parents on induction evening and telling them all about their exciting journey and its findings.