Personal Development

Our aim is to build a thriving and cohesive learning community, characterised by excellent relationships between staff and pupils.

We expect all children to be safe, to grow in confidence and resilience and to achieve both academic success and personal fulfilment, while being caring and respectful.

Strategic Goals: 

1. Ensuring our school places an emphasis on the wellbeing of the pupils and is a child-centred place
2. Ensuring high expectations of good pupil behaviour and respect for all.
3. Collaborating and cooperating with other schools and agencies to help and support each other
and provide an excellent education for children.
4. We will engage with parents to ensure we listen to their concerns and ideas for improvement.

Recognition. This is how we do it here:

Queensbridge is a recognition focused school where all pupils are routinely recognised for their
achievements. View our Recognition Policy for more information.

Pupils are:

  • Respectful to all members of the school community, demonstrating self-control and positive
    attitudes to their learning.
  • Responsible for their learning and their role in contributing to a positive climate in and out of
  • Resilient in order that they thrive and achieve both personally and academically.

The Wider QB - Beyond the Classroom

Queensbridge will provide every pupil with a highly stimulating, varied and rigorous programme of activities outside of the classroom environment. These activities include Wider Learning clubs, Duke of Edinburgh, iWeeks, trips and residentials both within the UK and Europe. We will provide opportunities, in which pupils can thrive, develop and embed new skills and create a passion outside of their timetabled lessons. Pupils will be able to positively respond to artistic, musical and sporting activities, to name but a few that form the heart of our ethos as a performing arts school.

“The praise and recognition for our daughter’s efforts really impress me – as does all the
wider learning which is offered.” Year 7 Parent

Our personal development strategy will be delivered through four primary avenues;

  • Form Tutoring

  • Wider Learning Opportunities

  • TFL Weeks

  • iWeeks