Remote Learning during Lockdown

Requests for Support

Requests for support from the IT Department must to be sent to

Please provide as much detailed information as possible about:

  • Pupil (login name being used)
  • Systems (FROG, GSuite, Teams etc)
  • Issue or errors experienced
  • Screenshots at point of failure are essential for remote support and enable us to resolve issues promptly. Please provide wherever possible.
Microsoft Teams
Please note that Teams passwords are now the same as pupils FROG/Computer passwords. These passwords were set by pupils themselves while in school.
Login formats as follows:
FROG username:              16Jayne.Smith
Teams username:   
Password:                        [pupil set password]
Internet Browsers
We generally recommend using the Google Chrome browser*
It is highly recommended that pupils use Incognito (Chrome) and Private (Edge) windows. This reduces problems arising from private and family accounts cached on devices.
Chrome:               CTRL+SHIFT+N
IE/Edge:               CTRL+SHIFT+P
* If using Microsoft Teams via browser rather than the application, a Microsoft browser (Edge) is preferable

Accessing Microsoft Teams

If a student is self-isolating, they should collect their work from the Google Drive (accessed via frogmail) and follow their school timetable as closely as possible.

Remote Learning information for each Year group can be found below: