Toolkit For Life

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Queensbridge School recognises the importance of PSHE/RSE and understands that it gives pupils the knowledge, skills, and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe to prepare them for their future.

We work hard to build strong relationships with each other, our richly diverse community, our locality and the wider world. We provide a moral, compassionate education that prepares pupils for exams, but more importantly for life, in a way that makes pupils take responsibility for their decisions and their learning.

Through our Toolkit for Life (TFL) sessions, we promote PSHE/RSE education and allow students to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society. From making responsible decisions for their wellbeing to succeeding in their first job, PSHE/RSE helps pupils to manage many of the most critical opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face growing up.

TFL is delivered across the whole school during four weeks in the year. During this time, students work with their personal tutors and are encouraged to reflect on and discuss challenging and current issues on relevant themes. As well as this year 7 and 8 have weekly TFL sessions exploring PSHE themes paired with two reading books. There is an increased focus on health (both physical and mental health), including strategies for keeping well. This ensures pupils can spot the signs of common mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression in themselves or others. We believe this learning is key to students’ personal development, wellbeing and fundamental to building relationships across school.

We are committed to being self-reflective to ensure that our pupils are presented with learning that is meaningful now and into their adult life. We ensure our sessions are differentiated to age and maturity so all students are comfortable with the content being delivered. We love the diversity within our school and respect all students have cultural and religious differences. Therefore we guarantee all students feel safe to take part in all sessions and allow them to ask questions openly to our staff. Queensbridge pupils and teachers are innovators and risk takers, prepared to be provocative, bold and courageous in order to explore and make sense of our world.