The school must be informed of a pupil absence by 8.45am on that day through Edulink where possible. 
Parents/Carers should use the attendance option through the school telephone number 0121 464 5566, where Edulink is unavailable.

In our school we expect pupils to have 100% attendance. Parents of pupils attending this school have a responsibility to make sure their son(s)/daughter(s) are as close as possible to reaching this target.


 Queensbridge School believes that punctual and regular school attendance is essential for effective learning.

The school is committed to ensuring that all students attend school regularly and have an attendance of above 97% for the academic year. Regular school attendance is vital if students are to benefit from the experiences, which the school offers them; we believe that students should attend school regularly because this is where they learn and this is where they are safe. Employers and other reference seekers value attendance and punctuality as an indicator of reliability; in an ever-competitive world, it is crucial that our students are equipped to compete with others by having outstanding attendance and punctuality.

We have adopted the FAST TRACK programme in order to rigorously promote excellent attendance and punctuality and support families who may be struggling. Parents are informed of our commitment to excellent attendance and punctuality via the school newsletter The Fast Track programme continues throughout our academic year.

Roles and Responsibilities

 Parents have a responsibility to ensure their son(s)/daughter(s) attend school regularly and be on school site by 8.40am each day.

The Local Authority has a duty to ensure that parents meet this responsibility and the service can seek legal redress to secure a pupil’s attendance if a parent fails in their duty.


We will communicate with parents once a child has three days off school. This communication will continue at six days and nine days, for which we will invite parents into school in order to implement supportive measures where required. In order to support high levels of attendance the school will utilise the Fast Track process should attendance be for unauthorised reasons.  Parents will be informed of our commitment to excellent attendance and punctuality via a letter at the start of the year, outlining the responsibility for parents/guardians in ensuring high levels of attendance.

We will:
  • Report attendance to families at least once a cycle, to include student academic performance, attendance and punctuality;
  • Celebrate good attendance with recognition;
  • Celebrate good attendance as a positive aspect of school achievement