Equality and Diversity Objectives

Equality statement of intent
  • To reduce the attainment gap between different key groups of pupils, in particular the difference between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils.
  • To narrow the gap in attendance between different groups of pupils, including persistent absenteeism.
  • To reduce the number of fixed-term exclusions across all groups of pupils and address any difference identified.
  • To foster good relations further between different communities within the school and reduce the number of prejudice-related incidents.
  • To promote cultural understanding between different ethnic groups within our school community, through the different opportunities pupils have to work and learn together through the strategic delivery of our wider-learning strategy.

The term ‘group’ in the statements above refers to the following:

Disadvantaged pupils, boys/girls, pupils with special educational needs and pupils with English as an additional language.

All pupil information is systematically analysed to make evaluative comparisons between the groups.