Meet the Chair: Jo Klaces

Term of Office: 23 May 2026


"It has been one of the great pleasures and privileges of my later life to serve on Queensbridge’s Governing Body for the last  ten years , the last two as Chair.  

Queensbridge is a dynamic and responsive place , alert to the needs of all its students who come from so many different backgrounds and bring their varied experiences, enriching the  school on a daily basis. But, in all this liveliness and energy the school brings stability  and continuity.

Governors are committed to supporting the provision of  a thriving and cohesive learning community which serves the learning needs of pupils and staff, helping and encouraging each and every individual to reach their aspirations and potential. Queensbridge is both safety net and trampoline, catching and nurturing the vulnerable, launching everyone into what we hope is their positive future with the skills to navigate this complex world.  

As Governors we work with the school to uphold the core values of kindness, respect for each other and achievement. We meet as a full governing body each term to celebrate, question and to ensure that the strategic vision for the school is being upheld. Each governor also explores different aspects of school life as a link governor attached to a particular department or area, according to experience or inclination .  

It is a serious role, as it should be – we are dealing with the future of young people - but it is also exciting, thought provoking, companionable and very supportive." 

Committee and special responsibilities: 

  • Strategy committee member      
  • Link Governor: Curriculum impact/SEND provision/Governing board training   

Our Governors are elected to serve a four-year term. Governors, including the Chair of Governors and the Clerk of Governors, can be contacted at any time through the normal school contact routes.


Governor Type 

Term From 

Term To 


Sourour Bensalem Trevelyan 

Parent governor 

20 Jun 2022 

19 Jun 2026 

Parents in partnership 

Kirsten De Vos 

Parent governor 

08 Oct 2021 

7 Oct 2025 

Parents in partnership 

Careers Link Governor 

Eco/Sustainability and climate change strategies 

Andrew Faux 

Partnership governor 

24 May 2022 

23 May 2026 


Dr Birgit Kehrer 

Partnership governor 

13 Mar 2023 

12 Mar 2027 

School Food Link Governor 

Ms Jo Klaces 

Co-opted governor 

24 May 2022 

23 May 2026 


SEND Provision Link Governor 

Quality of Education & Impact of the curriculum  

Governor Training and Development  

Mr Stephen Lewis 

Parent governor 

11 May 2021 

10 May 2025 

Vice Chair 

Finance Committee 

Pupil Premium & Personnel Dev  link Governor   

Personnel and Policies 

David Masters 

Parent governor 

18 Dec 2019 

17 Dec 2023 

Finance Committee

Huy Nguyen 

Staff governor 

14 Nov 2022 

13 Nov 2026 


Christopher Radford 

Co-opted governor 

22 Sep 2022 

21 Sep 2026 


Harpinder Singh 



Phil  Smith 

Local Authority Governor 

11 Jul 2020 

10 Jul 2024 

Safeguarding Link Governor 

Personnel (SCR) 

Phil Tompkins 

Co-opted governor 

13 Jan 2022 

12 Jan 2026 

Health and Safety & Personal Development / Welfare, well-being and work load Link Governor 

Deborah James

Co-opted governor

28 September 2023

27 September 2027


Daniel Parnell

Parent governor

1 December 2022

30 November 2026


Sherine El-Menshawy

Co-opted governor

25 Jan 2024

24 Jan 2028

PSHE/RSE/EDI link governor

Governors Opportunities

Business Interests

Details of Governor Meetings 2023/24


Thursday 28th Sept 2023         

Thursday 25th January 2024 

Thursday 25th March 2024 

Thursday 6th June 2024 

Total: 4 


Wednesday 18th October 2023 

Wednesday 6th December 2023 

Wednesday 8th February 2024 

Wednesday 8th May 2024 

Wednesday 10th July 2024 

Total: 5  


Wednesday 13th September 2023 

Wednesday 29th November 2023 

Wednesday 20th December 2023 

Wednesday 13th March 2024 

Wednesday 22nd May 2024 

Wednesday 26th June 2024 

Total: 6