Queensbridge School is committed to improving the outcomes of all pupils; supporting learners academically, physically, socially, and emotionally. Queensbridge School prides itself on being an inclusive school and this is reflected in the dedication displayed by staff throughout the school. The teaching staff, pastoral team and SEN team work in unison to ensure all pupils feel well supported regardless of their special educational needs and/or disabilities. To learn more about SEND at Queensbridge do take a look at our SEND Policy.

Local Offer Birmingham | SEND Advice and Information
The Birmingham Local Offer Website includes information about the wide range of services that are available to support all areas of a child’s life (0-25 years) especially those with a Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND).  This includes support with education, physical and mental health, social care, leisure activities and moving towards independence and adulthood. 
Supporting SEND pupils

There are four broad areas of SEND; communication and interaction; cognition and learning; social, emotional and mental health needs; and sensory and/or physical needs. Through high quality teaching, differentiation and regular monitoring of progress, the needs of most SEN pupils are met within the classroom and little additional support is therefore required. When a pupils’ needs are not being met in the classroom; the SEN and/or pastoral teams will provide more targeted support. Targeted support may include social support, small group interventions, adjustments to the learning environment, or classroom support from teaching assistants. In some cases pupils may require more specialist support; this support can be provided by specialist services such as the Communication and Autism Team (CAT); Pupil Support Service (PSS); Physical Disability Support Service (PDSS); and Speech and Language Therapist (SALT).

Those involved in supporting SEND pupils
  • SEND Governor: Makes sure the school has an up to date SEND Policy and appropriate provision is in place for all pupils. Monitors the impact of SEND support to ensure all pupils are able to achieve their potential at Queensbridge.
  • Headteacher: Responsible for the day to day management of the school, including supporting SEND pupils in school. Communicates with the SENCO and Leadership team to consider what action can be taken to promote the best outcomes for SEND pupils.
  • SENCO: The Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator is an advocate for SEND pupils in school. The SENCO ensures the school’s SEND Policy is followed on a daily basis; working with all staff to maximise the support provided for SEND pupils. The SENCO will work closely with pupils and will communicate with parents/guardians to monitor the progress of pupils.
  • SEN team: The SEN team work closely with the School SENCO to support SEND pupils throughout their Queensbridge journey. The SEN team will communicate with teachers, support in lessons, provide social support for pupils and deliver interventions which aim to provide targeted support for pupils.
  • Pastoral team: Pastoral staff and Heads of Years provide pastoral care for all pupils in school. If pupils have concerns or questions, the pastoral team are on hand to advise and support. The pastoral team work closely with the SEN team and with teachers to ensure the best outcomes for pupils.
  • Teaching staff: All teachers are committed to helping all pupils to reach their potential; regardless of learning needs and/or disabilities. Through high quality teaching, differentiation and engagement with SEN information, teachers are able to support all pupils to progress academically.
  • Form tutors: Each pupil has a Form tutor who they will see at the end of each school day. Form tutors are in place to ensure the well-being of pupils in their Form group. Form tutors provide important information for pupils and can support pupils with questions they may have.


Staff training to support SEND pupils

At Queensbridge School we believe knowing our pupils well is critical in helping us as a school to support the needs of all pupils. The SENCO and the SEN team will inform teachers of the SEN needs of pupils; what areas of school they struggle with, what their strengths are and strategies which can be used to support. This enables staff to ensure their teaching is adjusted to meet the needs of all pupils. Whole staff training is also provided for staff; we believe regular training is important so staff can adapt to meet the needs of SEN pupils in school. These training sessions are led by members of the SEN team, support agencies and/or external speakers. Recently, whole school training has been provided around supporting pupils on the Autism Spectrum and supporting pupils who have experienced traumas. Subject specific training is also provided for staff; for example how to support physically disabled pupils in PE and how to support pupils with dyscalculia in Maths.

Pupils with Educational Health Care Plans (EHCPs)

There are a number of pupils attending Queensbridge School who have EHCPs. Pupils with an EHCP have more complex special educational needs and require more personalised provision to excel in school. All staff are committed to supporting pupils with EHCPs and ensuring the necessary provision is in place. The school SENCO and SEN team will review EHCPs annually; working with parents/guardians, staff, and agencies to make sure the necessary support is in place and the EHCP is accurate and up to date. If a child does not have an EHCP, but the school SENCO, agencies, and parents/guardians feel an EHCP is required; the school will follow the necessary steps required to support EHCP applications.


Identifying SEND

Many SEND pupils arrive at Secondary School having already been placed on the SEN register at Primary School. For other pupils, additional needs may become apparent during their time at Queensbridge School. If teachers or members of the SEN team identify a potential learning need, the school SENCO will contact you and discuss your child’s area of need. Often pupils with learning needs will be effectively supported by their class teachers, along with advice from the SEN team. In some cases we may feel your child requires further support from one of our support services; we will discuss this with you and request permission for your child to receive such support if we believe this is necessary. If you have concerns about the learning needs of your child, please contact the School Reception by calling 0121 464 5566 or emailing


Role of the SEN team

The aim of the school SENCO and SEN team is to provide SEN pupils with the support required to allow them to enjoy their time at Secondary School. We desire all pupils to feel supported, make progress, develop independence and engage with the wider school experience. The SEN team are advocates for SEN pupils and work alongside teachers to maximise the outcomes of SEN pupils throughout school. The SEN team provide classroom support, deliver targeted interventions, support pupils socially, and communicate with parents/guardians. At Queensbridge, we believe every pupil’s voice is important and SEN pupils see members of the SEN team as approachable staff members with whom they can share their views.

Monitoring pupil progress

During your child’s time at Queensbridge, you will receive information each cycle to show the progress your child is making. There are four cycles in an academic year and you will therefore receive four progress reports across the school year. In addition to this, parent’s evenings take place each year where you will have an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with their class teachers. If there are concerns about your child’s progress, a class teacher or member of the SEN or pastoral teams will contact you and may look to arrange a meeting if necessary. If you have concerns with regards to your child’s progress please contact the School Reception by calling 0121 464 5566 or emailing


Transition is a big part of education; transitioning to Secondary School, changing year group, and preparing for Post 16 can often be times of both excitement and anxiety. As a school we support pupils during each stage of transition to enable pupils to feel supported and help to alleviate anxieties amongst pupils and their families. For pupils with SEND, anxieties around transitions are often heightened and therefore the SEN team will be able to support and advise during these times. Prior to your child starting Secondary school, we will communicate with Primary School’s to prepare for the arrival of your child. If your child has SEND, a member of the SEN Team will visit your child’s Primary School and ensure SEND information is shared between schools. Further to this, pupils with SEND will be supported during Induction Days to ensure the smoothest possible transition. The SENCO will inform teachers of your child’s learning needs to make sure staff are able to provide the necessary support for your child. Pupil needs can change over time, and we will adapt to support your child as they progress through the school. The SEN Team along with careers advisors will support SEND pupils as they come to the end of their time with us, to provide advice around Post 16 opportunities.

Opportunities for SEND pupils

Queensbridge School aims to provide all pupils with a wide range of opportunities, both in and beyond lessons. We want all SEND pupils to be a part of the Queensbridge experience, engaging with sport, performing arts, social, and academic opportunities. School staff provide the necessary adjustments to allow all pupils to access learning, extra-curricular activities, trips, and residentials. The school site is accessible for all, with ramps, lifts and accessible toilets available on the school site. Furthermore, our inclusive staff will ensure all pupils feel involved and share the exciting opportunities on offer at Queensbridge.

Social support

An anxiety for many parents/guardians is how their child will manage socially at Secondary School. At Queensbridge we want all pupils to flourish socially, grow in confidence and prepare for independent living. For some pupils, including SEN pupils, support is required to ensure they feel settled and develop good friendship groups. The SEN and pastoral teams look to provide social support for all pupils and are active figures during break and lunch times. In addition, staff mentoring ensures pupils have a key adult in school who will check in with them frequently and ensure any necessary support is provided.

Frequently asked questions

I am worried about my child’s learning. Who shall I speak to?

  • If you are concerned about your child’s learning please contact the School by phoning 0121 464 5566 or emailing There may be numerous reasons why your child is struggling; it may be an issue in a specific subject, it may be an engagement problem, it may be a social issue which is impacting upon your child’s learning, it may be your child needs some additional support. The relevant member of staff will be happy to hear your concerns and discuss what steps can be taken to support your child.

My child has a diagnosis of Dyslexia. What support will there be for my child?

  • Pupils with dyslexia will be well supported by all teachers; who will ensure lessons are differentiated to meet your child’s needs. Some pupils with dyslexia may benefit from more targeted support from the SEN team to provide your child with strategies which will help them in their learning. If we feel your child needs more targeted support, we will communicate this with you. The School SENCO and the SEN team will guide teachers on how best to support your child in lessons.

My child has a diagnosis of Autism. What support will there be for my child?

  • Queensbridge School is an inclusive school which aims to support all pupils to have the most positive school experience possible. All staff have received training in how to support pupils with AS and lessons will be differentiated to ensure your child feels safe and well supported. The SENCO and the SEN team will work closely with your child and will guide teachers on how to provide an appropriate learning environment for your child. If specialist support is needed for your child, we will seek advice from the Communication and Autism Team (CAT) who can provide strategies to support your child. If we feel your child needs more specialist support, we will communicate this with you.

My child has a Physical Disability. What support will there be for my child?

  • Queensbridge School provides equal opportunities for all pupils, regardless of learning needs and/or disabilities. The school site is accessible with ramps, lifts and accessible toilets available. The SENCO and the SEN Team work closely with the Physical Disability Support Service (PDSS) to ensure your child has the right support in place. Teachers will be guided by the SENCO and the SEN Team to ensure the necessary adjustments are in place to ensure your child feels included in all aspects of school life.

My child has an Educational Health Care Plan. What support will there be for my child?

  • Queensbridge School are committed to supporting pupils with an EHCP and the SENCO and the SEN Team will ensure the support is in place as stated in the EHCP. Your child’s EHCP will be reviewed annually and the SENCO will maintain communication with you throughout the academic year, updating you on your child’s progress. School will seek advice from external agencies regarding your child’s needs, to allow all staff to feel equipped to meet your child’s needs.

I think my child may require a diagnosis. What can the school do?

  • The SENCO and the SEN Team are committed to supporting your child during their time with us at Queensbridge School. Our role in school is to support your child, however specialist professionals are required to provide a diagnosis. As a school, we will support this process if we feel a diagnosis is needed and will work with your GP or specialist professionals. If you require support regarding a possible diagnosis please contact the School by phoning 0121 464 5566 or emailing