News > September 16th 2022

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We are pleased to share with you our full range of extra-curricular activities on offer this term.

Name of Club Day  Lead Member of Staff Year Group (s) open to Location
SoundLab BRUM (Starting October) Monday Mrs King By invite 229
KS4 Music Catch-up Monday Mrs Wigley/Mrs King/Mr Kumar 10 & 11 230
Police Cadets Monday Mrs Coyles Y10 and Y9 (By application) 220, 113
Boys Football Monday Mr Thorneycroft 7,8,9 Field
KS4 DT catch up  Monday Mrs Heath  10,11  114a 
Y11 Media NEA Drop in Monday Mrs Paetel 11 309a
Duke of Edinburgh Monday Mr Spicer 10 Top Gym
Hockey Club Monday Miss Swain All  Astro
KS3 Art Club Monday  Mrs Richardson/Mr Hussein/Mr Kew 7, 8, 9 237,238
Maths dropin Monday - Friday Mr Bennett / Mr Anderson 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 001
KS4 GCSE D&T NEA CATCH UP  Monday & Thursday  Ms Fletchman  11 114W
Manga Club Tuesday  Mr Bate All Library 
Reading Clubs Varied Mrs Paetel & Co All  TBC
Rock and Pop Group Wednesday Max Tomlinson (music service)/SKU  7,8,9  229
Chess Wednesday Mr Mohammed/Mr Rybinski All Lounge
KS4 Drama GCSE Catch up Wednesday Mrs Westwood 10 & 11 230
Netball Wednesday Miss Franks 7,8,9,10 Netball Court
KS3 Photography Club Wednesday Mr Hussein 7,8,9 238
Advanced English Wednesday Miss Hayes KS4 308
Eco Council Wednesday    Ms Denton / Ms Purser All 214
QB Orchestra  (Starting 28th Septmeber) Wednesday 8am Mrs King All 229
Maths clinic Thursday  Miss Grant / Mr Strong 11 117
Vocal Group Thursday Mrs Wigley All 229
Music Tech Group Thursday Mrs Kumar All 230
Dungeons and Dragons Thursday Mr Bate All LIbrary 
Dance Production Rehearsals Thursday Ms Cox All  Theatre
Debate Club Thursday Mr Marley All  125
Homework/Programming Club (Computing) Thursday Mr Manan All  113
QB Theatre Company Thursday Miss Clarke/Mrs Westwood All  231
Indoor Cricket Thursday Mr Thorneycroft 7,8,9 Top Gym
KS4 Art & Photography Catch Up/Workshops Thursday Mrs Richardson/Mr Hussein/Mr Kew 10, 11 237,238
Girls' Football Club Thursday  Ms Cross-Fellows 7,8,9 Astro
Basketball Thursday  Mr Farooq KS3 Bottom Gym
The Science of Happiness Thursday  Miss Hayes 9, 10, 11 308
KS3 Design Technology club  Thursday  Mrs Heath  7,8,9 114a
Dance production Rehearsals Friday Ms Cox All  Theatre
KS4 Drama GCSE Catch up Friday Miss Clarke 10 & 11 230
Sphero Club Friday Mr Proud 7 225
French Bingo Club Friday Mr Rees 7, 8 306
Homework Club  Every Day   All  Library