News > March 5th 2021

World Book Day 2021

First of all a huge THANK YOU to staff and pupils for getting involved with WBD 2021, the
work and commitment on display yesterday was outstanding. 
QB is a reading school and yesterday was a celebration of what we do every single day,
no matter what, or how, you like to read. We were inspired by author Ken Wilson-Max 
who talked to us about how books and reading make us grow and how important it is
to see ourselves represented in books. 
Your response to the creative challenges were overwhelming and you will have a chance to
see your efforts when you return to school (along with the winners!) Check out the library
Twitter and Instagram pages for all things WBD related, and you may just see your work! (or 
a picture of your pet.)
At QB, we learn that books and words are powerful, that they they teach us empathy, they allow us
to question and that when we can't venture much further than our own home, they allow us to travel 
and explore.
Reading is powerful and at QB, we read. 
Ms Howe