Covid & Home Testing

If you have not already done so, please complete the  NHS Test & Trace consent form and submit with the consent statement (one per pupil/student).

Tuesday 4th January 2022: Lateral Flow Test / Flu Vaccinations and return to school

Year group Covid Test AND Flu vaccine / Flu vaccine ONLY,
Arrive promptly at:
Covid Test ONLY, Arrive promptly at:
Year 7 08:30am 11:15am
Year 8  09:00am 11:45am
Year 9 09:30am 12:15pm
Year 10 10:00am 1.30pm Surname A to I
1.45pm Surname J to Z
Year 11 10:30am 2.30pm Surname A to J
2.45pm Surname K to Z
  • Pupils should arrive promptly. No uniform required.

  • Pupils should attend school via the pedestrian gate on Queensbridge Road.

  • Once your child has done their LFT they will be directed to the upper gym for their flu vaccination then return home.
  • If you choose not to consent to Covid Test and/or Flu Vaccination your child’s first day will be Wednesday 5th January 2022.

How you can help keep Queensbridge safe:

1. Ensure that your child completes home testing throughout January.

2. Follow guidance from NHS if there is a positive case in your household.

3. Do not send your child back to school if they have symptoms, please follow guidance to get a PCR test.

4. If your child has a positive test, inform school by email:

How to book a PCR test:

Home Testing 
  •  All staff and pupils will test themselves on each Sunday and Wednesday evening until further notice (including Holidays)
  •  Please supervise your child throughout the test, follow the instructions to upload the result to NHS Track and Trace. The quickest way is to use a phone and log into:
  •  You will need to tell the school the result of each test by completing a short questionnaire which can be found here
  •  Please use the following email address to report a positive test result to pupils will need to stay home and self-isolate and book for a PCR test. Information on how to get a PCR test can be found here:
  •  If lateral flow test is unclear (void) pupils will need to do another one.
 For all Home Learning information, visit our Remote Learning page.