The School Day

September 2020 - There is a temporary adjustment to the school timetable due the current circumstances. This will be regularly reviewed and may be adjusted.

Daily arrival times and entry to school site

Pupils are to arrive on site no more than 5 minutes before their arrival time.

Year Group Daily Arrival Time Daily Entrance Gate
7 8:45am Gate A
8 8:55am Gate A
9 9:05am Gate B
10 8:55am Gate B
11 8:45am Gate B

Gate A – Alcester Road (by traffic lights).

Gate B – Queensbridge Road (pedestrian gate).


Arrival to School

 Each year group will have a designated entrance to school clearly communicated on each gate. Pupils are only allowed on site 5 minutes before their start time.

Departure from School

 From September school will finish at 3pm Monday – Thursday and 2:45 on Friday. Pupils will be dismissed one year group at a time from Year 7 to Year 11.