Events and Encounters

Events and Encounters form the third strand of TfL (Toolkit for Life). 

This strand includes: 

  • Focus days, weeks and months.  These are important times for us to reflect as a school community and to celebrate difference.  
  • Visits and visitors.  We love opportunities to meet different people, from our wider community and beyond, and to learn about their lives and careers.  We value our trips and residential visits as key parts of developing character, and we support all students in attending.  These visits and visitors develop students’ understanding of the wider world as well as encouraging them to consider how to be responsible, active citizens within our community.  
  • iweek. All year groups from Y7 to Y10 will have an i-week during the school year.  The purpose of this week is to spend an extended time exploring a theme that focuses on one (or more) of the school values. 
  • Wider learning clubs. We offer a wide range of activities to support students’ interests and talents.  We love asking our students about different clubs they would like us to offer, and, while we respect that many students already have commitments beyond school, we encourage all students to attend. 

All of these activities and experiences are deeply routed in our five school values.