SPARK Tutor Programme

Toolkit For Life: SPARK tutor programme 

Morning form time is about developing character, founded on our school values.   

Tutors use this time to monitor attendance, punctuality, recognition and behaviour points, and to ensure students are starting the day dressed in full uniform and with the correct equipment.   

In addition, there are five elements of the SPARK programme, spread across the days of the school week. 


These sessions are for reflecting on – and developing – learning, thinking and social skills; employability skills; and skills for study and organisation. 

 For details of coverage, see SPARK Skills - Whole School


During these sessions, students learn about choices and pathways after leaving Queensbridge; employment rights and responsibilities; and work and career options and opportunities. 

For details of coverage, see SPARK Pathways - Whole School

For more info, see Careers


Our weekly assemblies are designed to deepen students’ understanding of our school values.  This includes reflecting on the importance of different religious festivals and recognising national events, as well as celebrating one another’s achievements.  


Because we value reading, one form session each is dedicated to this.  This will be a combination of whole class reading and independent reading (DEAR), fiction and non-fiction.  Students are expected to have a reading book in their school bag at all times. 

for more info, see Reading


The knowledge sessions are for retrieval of the topics covered in TfL lessons: the PSHE and Citizenship curriculum, British Values, and Extremism and Radicalisation.