TFL Lessons

Through our TfL (Toolkit for Life) lessons, students will learn about Citizenship, Extremism and Radicalisation, British Values, Health and Wellbeing (including healthy lifestyles, managing risk, and drugs education), Relationships (including positive relationships, consent, and discrimination) and Living in the Wider World (including financial choices, media literacy and digital resilience).  We believe that this curriculum will help provide our pupils with the knowledge, skills, and attributes they need to prepare for their future. 

TfL lessons are taught fortnightly to all students from Years 7 to 10.  (This curriculum is also revisited in our SPARK tutor programme, including for Year 11).  During this time, students are encouraged to discuss and reflect upon challenging and current issues on a wide range of relevant themes.   

We love the diversity within our school and respect that all students have cultural and religious differences.  With relationships at the heart of everything we do, we work hard to ensure all students feel comfortable taking part in the sessions. 

The upcoming curriculum content is always available through our website, and we communicate directly with parents before delivering Sex Education.  Should parents/carers have any concerns or questions regarding the content of this curriculum, we encourage them to contact us and discuss these.    

Useful links for the full curriculum: 

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